EnJOY your name

Joia de JOY
First letter of your name says this about you! :D

A: Easy to fall in love with
B: You like people.
C: Drunk, funny, cute, craz­­y, lovable.
D: One in a million ...
E: Great in bed
F: You love to drink.
G: You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You are lovely.
I: You are popular with all types of people.
J: People adore you.
K: You're wild and crazy.
L: Unbelievably great in bed!.
M: Best kisser ever.
N: You are very loyal to the ones you love.
O: You are very broad minded
Q: You are a hypocrite.
R: Really crazy and good in bed.
S: You are dead sexy.
T: You like to drink.
U: You really like to chill.
V: You are not judgmental.
W: You love to party.
X: You never let people tell you what to do. (Strange)
Y: Best boy/girl friend any one can ask for.
Z: You talkative and have a great personality ...!!!